12 Mins.; One. On her first big time Broad- way appearance in several seasons, she performed with assurance and success. The comedienne bowed in well prepared with exclusive numbers. There was an’ old fashioned number for the opening, “Days of Old Lang Syne,” rather nicely done. She changed for a widow number, quite a change of pace. Miss Suter was vivacious, handling the lyric cleverly. So convincing was the query “How would you like to have and hug me,” that a loud sigh escaped from a man down front and the house giggled… The program billed her as “sweet sixteen,” but Miss Suter appeared to have bettered that mark. She is a bit plump, kidding about that. Though the billing, too, mentioned her southern personality. Miss Suter has a Frenchy dash to her eccentric way. Showing throughout a willingness to amuse, there is little doubt that Miss Suter will rate as a standard.
Variety, LXII: 12, May 13, 1921.