Alcazar Beauties

Several of the costumes were strikingly original in design and an attractive color scheme in preserved throughout.
A sixteen-girl chorus clothed with exceptional taste and skill and a trio of women principals - Clara Whitney, May Crawfod and Anna Yale - do much to make acceptable entertainment.
Billy Hart spreads a soft pastry over Leonard's face and the taller makes a good deal of business out of the performance of removing the mess.
a quintet of ridiculous soldiers to something to lighten his labors a restaurant scene in the first piece delivered a fair average of comedy Miss Victoria makes a rather frank display of lingerie (on McDevitt and Kelly) The taller of the two men make a good eccentric dancer and the loose dancing of the pair was worth while.
The show would be set down as clean in business and dialogue, although there are times when the comedians offend good taste.
Variety 2:1 (02/02/1907)