Agnes Lynn and Company

Part of the time Miss Lynn sings to them and during the remainder works to the boxes with an electric lantern concealed in a bouquet as the only illumination.
Since the two young men are given the stage room, it would seem that they should be used, but only one sings and that not too agreeably.
There are three numbers and two changes. The first is an Indian number, one of the young men posing as a cigar store sign while the singer performs certain graceful cavortings and delivers an unfamiliar Indians song of rather pretty swing.The second number shows a red plush drop with openings for the faces of the young men.
There are possibilities in the idea, but until it has been properly developed Miss Lynn would do much better alone. She makes a sprightly figure on the stage and carries her singing numbers satisfactorily.
Variety 4:3 (04/20/1907)