Adanac Trio

Saxophone, violin, marimba and banjo playing.
"Poet and Peasant," "Railroad Blues," "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry," "K-K-Katy," and "Strutters' Ball."
A straightforward, sincere musical offering is the act of the Adanac Trio. The three men open in one attired in the white trousers and green golf coats affected by male musical acts. Two of the boys play violin and one saxophone. They start with the "Poet and Peasant" overture, switching suddenly into "Railroad Blues." Then one of the trio saxophones "I'm Sorry I Made You Cry," joined for the chorus by the other two with saxophones, after which the trio play "K-K-Katy." The "sweet potato," marimbaphone and banjo are utilized in solo numbers, and the trio closes with a banjo rendition of "Strutters' Ball." It's an effective act, one of the very best of its kind on the time, and would make a satisfactory No. 2 or No. 3 act on the average big time.
Variety, 53:11 (02/07/1919)