A Day and a Night in Atlantic City

The lights were grossly mishandled and when the girls were not working in Egyptian darkness they were in full glare of the electrics, whereas the settings were constructed with broad effects, meant to be shown under half-lights. The result was as complete a fizzle as a stage crew could possibly make of what gave evidence of being a skillfully arranged electrical spectacle.
Mr. Nevins opens with a new song called “On a Sunny Afternon,” which has a fairly pretty swing and there are other musical numbers. Miss Arnold does very well with her selections. A novelty dance in the act has a rainstorm with electrical effects and real Croton.
It should make a good novelty finish, but the rainstorm on Monday worked out as a “brain storm” on the part of the chief electrician.
Variety 4:1 (04/06/1907)