Theodore Babcock-George Harcourt & Co.

A sketch called “The Littlest Girl.” Splendidly acted by both Mr. Babcock and Mr. Harcourt. The story, while interesting, is too long drawn out, in other words the speeches of the two characters are not interrupted frequently enough and for that reason the story drags. At the finish the sketch is saved by the introduction of a little girl, and this youngster, like all youngsters do, gets the audience.

Four Solis Brothers

While these four young men constitutes what is probably the best in their line, nevertheless, the act did not go so well this afternoon, probably due to the fact their music was just a little too classical for our audience. We brought this fact to their attention this afternoon and beginning tonight they will introduce a new program, incorporating popular airs.

Romalo & Delano

This acrobatic act is a very clever one. In fact it is too good to start the show. They introduce many new tricks, several of which are decidedly sensational.

Jossetty Trio

Acrobatic act. Full stage. An unusually clever acrobatic offering. This trio does a number of tricks which I have never seen done before. They make a very good closing act for the bill.

Charles Leonard Fletcher

A serio-comic playlet, entitled “His Nerve.” A very fine and well acted sketch with a most unusual story. Went very big.

Little Billy

Diminutive comedian. All in “one.” This little fellow closed the first half of the show in might good shape. The matinee audience Monday, as a rule, very restless and this is a very hard spot to fill but Little Billy did it and when he left the stage the crowd was still applauding for more.

Jere Grady & Co

Comedy sketch, entitled “The Butterfly.” Full stage, own setting. A very enjoyable comedy and was well received.

Reidy & Currier

Singing act in “one.” A most refined singing act and went extremely well at the matinee today.

Cycling Zanoras

Bicycle act using full stage. About the same as the ordinary run of bicycle acts. Good for a show opener and that’s all.

Joe Dekos Troupe

Human jugglers. Work full stage. This act is away from the usual run of acrobatic offering and makes an excellent closing number for the show.