Swan & Mack

Blackface comediane. While these men secured many laughs; – mostly through jokes told here before by Swor & Avey, whose act they have about half; I consider the act over-paid by at last $100. 13 minutes in one.

Alex Mc Fayden

Pianist; – from a vaudeville standpoint this fellow is about the best of the concert pianists we have played. I never knew any act of that kind to make as big a hit as he did yesterday, at both performances. 19 minutes in one.

Blanche Sloan

Miss Sloan landed the first bit of real appreciation from the audience, She works fast, has some sensational stunts, while her talk ingratiates her with the audience. 6 minutes F.S.

Mc Mahon, Diamond & Chaplow

Singing and dancing act. A good lively number that got away with the closing position in first straight style. 10 minutes in two.

Bancroft & Broske

Presenting a new act of singing and comedy that was very pleasing. 20 minutes in one.

Claude Rauf

Wire act of mediocre quality, served as an opener, and nothing better. 7 minutes F.S.

Wright & Dietrich

Well known artists who appear with a lot of new material and made their usual success. 20 minutes in one.

Helen Gleason & Co.

In “The Submarine Attack.” A very good sketch, very well played. In the small houses they could be used as a headline act. 13 minutes F.S.

O’Neil & Walmsley

These two men got a lot of laughs with their horseplay stuff, I don’t know how they will go with the regular audience, but the holiday crowd liked them. 13 minutes in one.