Alber’s Bears

10 white Polar Bears. Trainer and two assistants, large iron cage and bears work inside, cage taken up whole stage. Good act bears work fine, think its as good an animal act as any that has played Pawtucket, probably ladies are a little timid about it as I noticed several left their seats during the act. 15 minutes, went big.

Snyder & Buckley

2 men, comedy musical act, comedy is good, large assortment of instruments, 2 man band at finish went big, 18 minutes C.D.F. close in one. Went big.

Dolan & Rayne

Singing and dancing, talking, man and woman, dressed neat singing and dancing good, talking went fair. 12 minutes in one, just went fair.

Thornton & Wagner

Singing act, man and woman, man plays piano, their opening number was good and got a big hand, rest of act seemed to fall flat, just got a fair hand at finish, 12 minutes C.D.F.

McCormick and Wallace

Man and woman, ventriloquil duo, Fun At The Seaside, good assortment of figures, man and woman both do good work, 18 minutes special drop in 2, close in one Went Big.

The Braminos

Eccentric Musical Novelty, 2 men, clown make up, comedy is good and musical novelties O.K. will make good on any bill. 12 minutes full stage went very strong.

The Police Inspector

One act playlet, 5 people, 4 men and one woman, special set of scenery, interior Police station, well acted, Scott Siggins as the Inspector very good. Interesting from start to finish and judging from the big round of applause at end of act, pleased immensely, 20 minutes, went big.

Estelle Wordette & Co.

Man and woman comedy sketch “A Honeymoon In The Catskills” no merit to the act, got a few laughs with a lot of horse play 17 minutes full stage interior, just got a little applause.

Mr & Mrs Elliot

Harpists and singers, nicely dressed, fine instruments, singing very good, little bit of comedy in the act went good, 15 min. in one, got a big hand.

The Australian Wheelers

2 men comedy bicycle act, comedy is very good riding clever, good act to open any show 8 minutes full stage, went very good.