Klien and Clifton

Klein appears as a “dummy” and Miss Clifton as a millinery model in a store window. Used a stage hand as another “dummy”. Dancing efforts are to an advantage.

Williams and Hoffman

Two automoblies and a panorama. Three scenes used. Well staged. During a race, Paris in the background becomes larger as they get closer. “Helen Brandon (Zoe Edwards) is the American heiress, whom Count Boni (Joseph W. Herbert, Jr.) speeds away with from her American lover Dick Manley (George Wright). Dick gives chase in his auto, but is stopped by a French gendarme (Ben Bernard). He bribes the gendarme, starts his machine and catches up with the speeding couple. A terrific duel with swords then ensues as the autos – are abreast. Dick climbs into the Count’s machine and the struggle continues. Dick throws the Obunt back into his machine, it blowing up directly afterward. The Heiress and Dick then speed on.