Alfred Kelcy and Company

Set includes two rooms, one occupied by an artist ( Mr. Kelcy) and the other by a girl art student ( Miss Lee.)

Preston Kendall

The melodrama has seven characters. Mr. Kendall makes very fast changes 11 times in the act.


Uses one dummy. Dresses in outing or evening clothes.

Ben Lewin

The act was twenty minutes long. Lewin impersonates Albert Chevalier reciting “The Fallen Star” and two Dickens characters, one of which is Fagin. He makes quick changes in front of the audience.

Gautier’s Animated Toyshop

The act was twenty minutes long on the full stage. The act is set in a toy shop where the “toys” come to life. Four ponies and four dogs play the toys and do an entertaining routine. It is the act’s first appearance in the United States.

Allan Shaw

His act is similar to the one done by T. Nelson Downs except that he works with a black drop and has a better stage presence. His best trick is carrying cards and coins acoss the back of his hand.