Claire Rochester

11 min, olio. Single woman with a remarkable voice in as much as she sings both Prima Donna, and Baritone. Several numbers are rendered opening with a rag time followed by popular and classic.

The LaCelles

16 min in two man and woman, opening with some harmony singing. The man features an extemporaneous song by asking the audience to suggest different names and he will put them into a song.

Those Three Virginia Girls

Three girls in southern costume, sing popular and old time melodies. Act opens 5 min. in Olio and closes 9 min. full stage with special drop representing a southern homestead.

Horton & La Triska

Man working as a clown and the girl as a human doll. The girl shows wonderful control of her muscles and is brought in the audience for examination and it is hard to believe she is human. The doll later does a mechanical dance on the stage and then convinces the audience that she is human. The act has plenty of laughs and a good novelty finish. 13 min. full stage.

Gormerly & Caffery

Two men, comedy acrobats. One works straight and the other as a clown. They have a good routine of acrobatic work and plenty of comedy. 8 min. full stage.