‘To Save One Girl’

One woman with six men; dramatic sketch C.D.F. in three, 33 minutes. Play has to deal with efforts of politicians and grafters to get young member of legislature to sign bill which onflicts [sic] with his views and morals. He refuses and theywork [sic] trick to catch him in drakened [sic] room with stenographer ‘To Save One Girl’ he calls in person and they are married.

Miss Leitzel

Assisted by Jeanette. Two women and one man. Act consist of series of startling feats of skill and strength on Roman rings and ropes by Miss Leitzel, ending with whirlwind one arm uplifts and tumbles on rings by Miss Leitzel. Palace infour [sic] – 9 minutes.

Bowman Brothers

Blue Grass Boys – two men. Blackface comedy act with very good dialect comedy, jokes and patter; one opens as blackface and other as straight; the straight makes up black on stage in front of audience. Olio in one. 11 minutes.

Genaro & Bailey

Man and woman presenting character songs; open church exterior in one, three minutes; go to olio in one, three minutes; go to garden in two, two minutes; next to olio in one for two minutes and then to fancy interior in three, four minutes, presenting a series of three dances. 15 minutes.  

Mildred Grover assisted by Dick Richards

Miss Grover offers original song sayings, Richards at the piano. Mr. Richards offers a trip around the world with pictures, using picture sheet and playing national airs. 17 minutes in one.