Four Philips.

8 minutes. Special in three. These folks do some wonderful stunts and held the people in this difficult spot.

Johnny Burke.

25 minutes in one. He repeated his former success and without a doubt is the funniest monologist in vaudeville today.

Jane Conelly & Co.

Extravagant Wives, sketch. Special in three. 24 minutes. The sketch is well played. The theme of the sketch revolves around a question of the suicide of principals. A rather gruesome theme although treated in a comedy manner. It is a question as to whether it is wise to place such a sketch before vaudeville audiences today.

Ted & Betty Healy

14 minutes in one. Good Act. Impersonation of Jolson by Ted. Dancing by Better. Made a hit with our audiences today.

Newell & Most.

“On the Lawn” 13 minutes in two. A fair singing act.

Maxine & Bobby

10 minutes in four. Very good act. Bobby’s new dog seems even more intelligent than his predecessor.

The Earls

In the “Spider’s Web.” Special in two. 4 minutes. An unique way of presenting a very good acrobatics offering