W.L. Abingdon & Co.

In a semi-dramatic sketch called “Honor is Satisfied.” Personally, I like the act very much and I think that the audience did as it got plenty of applause, but I am quite sure that there were a number of ladies in the audience who were frightened at the anticipation of the expected suicide, several children commenced to holler, and I question the desirability of acts of this kind in vaudeville. It got lots of applause at the finish, but I don’t think that the sketch will draw any money; in fact it may have a tendency to keep some people away. 15 min. F.S.

Van Hoven

Eccentric magician. 16 minutes in one. This boy doesn’t do much in the line of mystery, but he doubled up our audiences Monday and had some difficulty in breaking away. We moved him down to the seventh place on the bill, where he will make good. He works with two youngsters and during the time they are on the stage, the audience is hysterical. (Scranton)

Reynolds Donegan Co.

(11 mins.) The showiest skating act in vaudeville containing the most variety and the best executed routine of tricks we have yet seen. Held the audience seated throughout the closing position of the show and finished very strong.

Sylvia Loyal

Very pretty act of juggling and wire walking, introducing a couple of black poodles and a great number of white pigeons. 8 min. full stage.

Once Upon a Time

A lively condensed version of Charlie’s Aunt, with a little singing and introduction to make it somewhat different. Plenty of laughs, attractive girls and generally a satisfactory act. 23 min. full stage.

Frank Gaby

No ventriloquist that we have ever played scored better than Mr. Gaby did here yesterday. His act is unusual and he is a most excellent performer. 18 min in one.

Eleanore Cochran

One of the best dramatic sopranos in vaudeville. A fine looking woman and a very satisfactory act. 12 min. in two, can work in one.

George Yofman

In a monologue with his silent and invisible partner, Lizzie. Very good act. 17 min. in one and a half.

Worden Brothers

Foot Jugglers. It has been many years since this act played for us and they come as something of a novelty. There is a little comedy touch to their work; the stage setting is attractive and generally it makes a nice opening act. 8 min. full stage.