Stagpole & Spier

  9 min. in 1. Man and woman in novelty acrobatic dancing and a little talk. Went good.

Tojetti & Bennett

10 min. F.S. Spec. A good fast dancing act with a very pretty setting. Opened nicely.


10 min. A wonderful novelty act that the audience astounded. Well handled and a fine comedy number, getting lots of laughs. In the closing position of a great show, Tarzan held the house seated, something few acts have been able to do here.

Sophie Tucker & Her Kings of Syncopation

28 min. As big a hit as ever with a bunch of new songs, new comedy and plenty of action by her boys. The audience gave her a hearty welcome and she kept them laughing and applauding all the time she was on. They were begging for more at the finish.

George MacFarline

25 min. A great favorite here and a big hit with a series of songs. All his numbers went over well and he was compelled to sing one patriotic number the second time. Closed very strong.

Al White Jr. & Ruth Adams

12 min. Songs and dances. A local act, but made good on its merits. Both children and unusually good dancers. Plenty of snap and go to the offering. Boy sings two songs with good results and the act closed to a. big hand.

Senor Westony

20 min. One of the biggest applause hits of the biggest applause hits of the bill with his piano selections. Offered a varied program with bits of comedy and this helped him considerably. Come back for an extra number and made a little speech of thanks.

Whipple & Huston

23 min. “Shoes” A very good novelty, with a little singing and very well played. Entirely different in theme to anything we have played and was very well received.

Hanlon & Hanlon

6 min. Two men in a routine of hand-to-hand work. Plenty of speed and some new tricks well handled. Did very well in the opening spot.

Minerva Courtney & Co.

Is “The Heart of a Canyon” — Two men and a woman; they are booked in as three men and a woman. Special setting and drop; scene; interior of the “prairie Dog,” Arizona. This act went over good. 18 min. full stage.