Miss Hamlet

A travesty with a co. of ten people a little singing and dancing Audiennce [sic] did not get the idear [sic] of the offering so act did not get over. Went fair.

The Flemings

8 min f.s. Spl. The act starts slowly, giving the audience the impression that it is an ordinary posing act. After getting started on an exceptional routine of clever hand balancing and ground work, they held the house well and closed strong.

LeRoy, Talma & Bosco

27 min f.s. Spl. Set. This act makes a big flash and all three principals are clever show people, producing an illusion act that pleased all the way through but did not get much for their finish.


Well known comedy sketch that repeated its former success. These people are cheating in their scenery most decidedly. Some of their stuff is so bad that I cut it out and replaced it with house stuff. They are not carrying a carpenter, which I believe they formerly did, and we are paying the same salary for an inferior article, at least as far as the “picture” is concerned. 18 minutes, f.s.

Cameron Sisters

13 min. These girls made a strong impression with our holiday audience. Did four numbers, all splendidly executed and good applause winners. Their act is prettily staged and dressed. The girls are excellent dancers and make a fine appearance, they have a high class turn which won several curtains.

Earle Cavanaugh & Co.

In “Mr. Inquisitive.” 23 min. A lively musical comedy sketch with three principals and a quartet of good looking girls to help out in the numbers. Cavanaugh handles the comedy for good laughs and there is some burlesque bits in a dentist’s chair which kept the audience amused. With attractive dressing, pretty costumes and some catchy song numbers, it makes a very satisfactory offering and finished strong.

Three Quillos

7 min. A very good hand-to-hand balancing act with some new tricks. They have a great finishing trick which took them off to a big hand. They are dressed to represent the national colors and the opening picture won a hand. Made a very good opener.

Willie Brothers

Masters in the art of Equilibrium – three men; performing stunts in midair on ladders, which were held on the shoulders, forehead and feet of one of the trio; 10 min. full stage; went good.

Helen Gleason & Company

In “The Sub-Marine Attack” – one woman and two men; scene in the stateroom of an ocean liner; comedy sketch which went over good; 14 min. full stage.

A Seymour Brown & Co.

In a farce with musical interpolations. Company consists of Mr. Brown, one other man, three female principals and six chorus girls. Lots of good comedy and attractive musical numbers. They held the audience intact to the finish and pleased thoroughly. 50 minutes f.s.