De Pace Sextette

Neapolitan and operatic singing and mandolin and guitar playing. Company of four men and two women. Much better than the average of this kind, after the elimination of the very bad comedy introduced by the mandolin played. 18 minutes. Opens full stage, can close in one.

“Oklahoma Bob” Albright

22 min. One of the best male singers we have played in a long time. His songs and stories went over in great shape through the amount of personality he injects into the delivery of them. He was one of the biggest applause winners we had and could have remained on the stage several minutes longer.

Eddie Foy and the Seven Younger Foys

15 min. “The Old Woman in the Shoe.” Much of the material used in his former act has been retained but freshened up with a new opening and a change of song numbers. It furnished an excellent holiday feature for this bill and scored a solid hit. At the finish the audience applauded for several minutes.

Mrs. Gene Hughes

24 min. “Gowns.” A brand new sketch entirely different in character from anything we have seen in a long time and it was a big winner. It contains many bright lines and Mrs. Hughes is a very well fitted in a congenial role which she makes the most of. It was very well liked and finished strong.

Gibson & Guinan

21 min. A very good comedy talking act with a singing finish. Their material consists mostly of cross-fire talk and brought plenty of laughs. For their finish in one they use a conversational song number that also proved a laugh-winner. They finished to a good hand.

Helen Lackaye and Co.

In “Overtones.” 16 minutes f.s. Special set. A novel sketch, well played, and beautifully staged. It is a question, however, if vaudeville audiences in Boston care for this sort of thing. Monday afternoon the audience got very restless. At night it went better, but is not the kind of act that possesses a popular appeal. It is a question if one-third of the audience wanted to exert themselves enough to understand it.

Muriel Window

17 minutes in one. Olio drop. Miss Window has worked out a good novelty in the way of a single singing act, making her changes behind a high settee with only head and shoulders showing. Makes a change of costume for each number. Several are new to Boston. Full of life and ginger. Got over first-rate.

Lukins Indoor Winter Circus

Trained Lions? [sic] Bear, etc. Put through their tricks by a woman. Funny clowns? [sic] Comedy acrobats. Arealists [sic], dogs and ponnies [sic] monkeys musical offering and finishing with Lukins casting act. Work one hour in special set. This is a good money getter. Went big.

Town Hall Follies

Presented by Eugene Emmett & Co. Four girls four men. Special set full stage act runs 33 min. Good line of comedy and a good singing [sic] offering all having good voices. Went over big.

Techow’s Cats

A number of wonderful cats in no doubt the best act of its kind in the business. Well trained. Man and woman on stage cats taking their cue from woman. Went good.