Longstreet, Harker, and Johnson

The act was twelve minutes long. Three men, one doing blackface comedy, one Italian, and the third, Irish, sing. The three are dressed in Tuxedos.

Cullum Bros.

The act was eight minutes long. It opens with a ballad and eccentric dance, followed by the “scarecrow” dance, and finished by wooden show stepping.

Savage and De Crotean

The act was thirteen minutes long. The woman wears short dresses throughout the act. The man wears German makeup and plays the piano. He does an Eddie Leonard imitation.

Brent Hayes

The act was fourteen minuted long. Mr. Hayes first number was a rag, followed by an “academic course”.

Bogert and Nelson

The act entitled “A Day With a Minstrel Show” was eighteen minutes long. There are two special drops and one original joke.

Mr. and Mrs. Gardner Crane and Co.

The act entitled “The Other One”, was twenty-two minutes long on the full stage. Mr. and Mrs. Crane are newly weds in the piece. Mr. Crane becomes mixed in May wheat and must leave his wife at the home of his brother in the country, while he travels to town. The brother, who is unknown to “wifey”, returns and is mistaken for her husband due to family resemblance. The husband misses his train and returns to the house to be mistaken for his brother by another woman (Claire Vincent). Several complications ensue.

Ward and Curran

The act entitled “The Stage Door Tender” was twenty-seven minutes long. “Pop” is the stage doorman. Curran is first a Dutchman with a “funny dog”, then a girl who sings “What a Beautiful Dream”, and lastly, just John Curran.

Josephine Davis, assisted by Billy Geller

The act was thirteen minutes long. Ms. Davis sings while her assistant, Billy Geller, plays piano. Her repertoire is composed of a new semi ballad, a selection from “Gypsy Love”. Ms. Davis wears two beautiful gowns of the “latest fashion”.

George Rolland and Co.

The act entitled “Fixing the Furnace” was sixteen minutes long. A woman (Mae Gerald) leads the plumber (George Rolland) and his helper (Billy Kelly) downstairs to fix the coal heater. The plumber is “roughly made up”, while the helper wears a fur overcoat. The setting is a cellar with a “well made” prop furnace.

Maurice and Florence Walton

The act is nine minutes long. Maurice and his partner do four dances, and they close with a “Tango”; however, all the dances are “rags”, and the biggest hit is the “Trot”.