Cecilia Loftus

Big advance applause.  This young lady is certainly an artist.  She held the stage this afternoon for thirty-four minutes, the audience never tiring of her efforts.  Gave impersonation of Alice, Lloyd, singing “Splashing”; Olga Nethersole, in a recitation from “Sappho”; Singor Caruso; Hatty Williams, in “The Little Cherub”; Ethel Barrymore, in a scene from “Sunday”; Bert Williams, singing “Nobody”; George Walker, in “Bandanna Land”, singing “Bon Bon Buddie”; and Alla Nazimova, in a scene from “A Doll’s House”; each receiving big recognition and artistically done.  Big applause on her finish.  Compelled to take several bows.  Twenty-two Minutes in One.

Barry and Hughes

On at 2.42, 22 min, in 1; special drop. A clever idea, well worked out. Miss Hughes, as the tough girl, is exceedingly good, much better in her character than Barry in his. The only fault to be found with the act is that it is a trifle long drawn out. I think it would improve the act if it was condensed to not over 16 min.

Kimball & Lewis

In view of the prices that we are able to get acts of this kind for now-days, these people receive too much money. They are hardly good enough for the spot on the bill that I am obliged to give them. It is really an opening act for a continuous house. 15 min. in 1, 3 shows.

Keene & Adams

This is a very good little act.  I don’t think it quite merits all the praise that I have heard from it, but it is O.K. for 3 shows, or for an early position in the 3-a-day houses.  20 min. in 2, can really work in 1, 3 shows.

Nellie Wallace

An oval fruit, containing an intensely acid pulp. It is produced by a tropical tree of the genus citrus, the common fruit known in commerce being that of the species C. limonum. There are many varieties of the fruit. A prohibitive tariff should be placed on this particular English variety by congress. 15 min. in 2.

Irene Franklin

Miss franklin is one of the cleverest little women we have ever seen here, but she did not make the hit we anticipated for her.  From reports we believed she would be a knockout but she felt quite far from the mark.  This fact however does not change our opinion regarding her talent.  18 min. in 3, with plush.

Stella Mayhew

Here we find the one great overmastering hit of the bill, and she might be called the hit of the season.  She got our audience both afternoon and night from the very first, and she held every part of the house until she was tired from her exertions.  Judging from the applause there was not the slightest reason to deny her all the headline honours.  21 min. in one.

Dillon Brothers

At the afternoon performance they went very bad and left the stage without a hand. Their selections are bad and poorly delivered. At the evening performance they went a little better. It would be a good idea to give them a vacation for a couple of year [sic]. 17 minutes in one.  

Bessie Wynn

This young lady did not go as strong as before probably due to the members of the think intellect society or her routine of songs of which are rather quiet and the others are rather ancient. They treated her very kindly however, giving her some little applause. The recitation on her finish lets her down rather quiet. However, she closed to fairly good applause. Fourteen Minutes in one.

The Josetti’s

Acro: 11 min. F.S. On at 9:40. This is a truly great acrobatic act from every standpoint. It was an instant winner. Everyone of the performers is a trained athlete and shows life-long acquaintance with the business. The feats on the living pedestal get immense applause. The finish was one of the strongest ever awarded an act of this kind in this house.