Fadette Orchestra

Full stage. A big number that makes good as to drawing power and pleases well. Second time for the act here, and it was truly as worthy from all standpoints as their appearance a year ago.

Fred Niblo

All in one. Went very big; splendid for the ladies here. A clean cut, original, bright, fast running monologuist with a personality that universally pleases the audience in almost its entirety.

Midgley & Carlisle

Full stage. Good standard laughing act that went good up to the finish; a little quiet at finish, owing to the singing not being strong enough to make a thoroughly good ending for the comedy.

Brando & Wiley

All in one. Went very good and big at finish. Colored act with plenty of action that made very good for number two on bill. Comedy and singing ordinary; dancing very good.

Potter & Hartwel

Full stage. Good act, made good; went very good for opening act. Several meritorious tricks; neatly dressed and they work with much action.

Millman Trio

This is a wire act and a very good one, composed of a man, woman and a young girl. It runs about 12 minutes full stage and is strong enough to close show.

Melani Trio

Three men in an instrumental and vocal act. This is a very good act and always goes well in Cleveland. It is, no doubt, familiar to everybody on the circuit. 18 minutes in one.

Chas. Bradshaw & Co.

In comedy sketch , “Fix in a Fix.” This is a good laughing act in spots. Nothing artistic about it, but would be classed as a good act. There are two male and two female characters in this sketch. The support being fairly good. 27 minutes full stage.

Matthews & Ashley

2 men, one in the character of a Jew and the other in that of a Dope Fiend; the act consists of talking, parody singing and is a very good act. 18 minutes in one.

Nelson Farnum Troupe

Called Comedy Acrobat, two men and two women. The women, I believe were formally the Nelson Sisters. This act is only a fair one, the comedy part of it is bad. The little acrobatic stuff they had is all right in its way, but I would not care to play the act again. 12 minutes, full stage.