The Sa-Vans

Comedy acrobatic act. These people are about the same as ever, and always go remarkably good in the house. I consider that woman to be one of the best female acrobats in the country, and the main is a fair comedian. 15 minutes, full stage.

Marshall & Lane

Two men in a singing and comedy act, and a very strong one. This is Jack Marshall that used to have Marshall’s Quintet, and the Lane is Arthur Yule for erly [sic] of the Cosmopolitan Trio, and they have put together a very good act in which Marshall does some very good comedy and Lane does hiw [his][sic] well-known imitations and they do some singing that is first-class. 20 minutes; opens full stage, closes in one.

McCloud & Melville

Singing and dancing and harp playing with a little comedy talk thrown in. This act was put in to take the place of The DeGreaus and it really is a very neat and pretty act. The comedy of course, does not account to much, but it is not offensive. 15 minutes; opens full stage, closing in one if necessary.

Decand & Dog

This is rather a slow working act. The dog is evidently well trained but one of those animals which take a lot of time to do what is told it, and act will hardly ever amount to much unless he works quicker. Might be called a fair turn for opening a bill. 16 minutes opens in two, closing in one.

Yackley & Bunnell

Musical and comedy act by two men. A very good three-show-a-day turn. One of the men makes up straight [sic] and the other in blackface. The comedy while not being particularly strong is still pleasing and the music is really good. The feature of the act is [B]unnell’s playing on ordinary bottles which he accomplishes in a novel way, having a metal hammer on each finger and playing them …. After the same style that one would play a banjo. Made quit[e] a hit. 16 minutes; full stage, closing in one.

May Evans

Whistling solos: and imitations: This is rather a clever girl. She has been over the circuit once or twice before and always makes good. Her appearance is neat and her whistling and imitations are above the average. 10 minutes in one.