Wood and Wood

3 shows, 12 min in three—Two young men of good appearance, and excellent athletes. Their exhibition on the flying rings was about as good as anything of the kind that I can remember, and is another excellent three turn act.

George Hussey

3 shows, 15 minutes. Opens in three, closes in one—a ventriloquil [sic] comedian, but a poor one, his dummies being bad and he himself possesses no “personality.” While his stuff is not objectionable, it is not very interesting, and he cannot be classed as better than an opener.”

The Brittons

3 shows, 14 min. in one—This team of colored entertainers is one of the most lively working turns that has opened the show for some weeks. They made a big hit with their excellent dancing, and will stand for a strong place in the three show section, which they will get in the night show. I saw this team work in the parks this summer, and was convinced that they would make a hit.

Four Rianos

2 shows- 15 mins. Own drops-The only novel acrobatic specialty seen here in a long while; nothing better in the way of monkey impersonators; an act lively throughout, and provoked more laughter than does the average acrobatic turn.

Colibri’s Midgets

This is the same act that was over the circuit last December, but it seems to be working smoother that it did then. Everyone of the little turns was cordially received by our audience on Monday afternoon and the varied nature of the act, introducing as it does, work walking, trapeze, singing and comedy sketch, makes it interesting from start to finish. 20 minutes; full stage.

Jess Dandy

Hebrew song and parodies: Dandy had a somewhat hard place on the bill, following everybody else, but he held his own, and the audience forced him to sing about seven or eight songs. He has a whole new line of parodies this trip and I think he is going to be fully as strong as ever. 14 minutes, in one.

Paul Barnes & Co

Consisting of two men and one women in a comedy act entitles “Wanted, an Aunt”. This act while essentially low comedy and somewhat coarse, is at no time offensive, and it certainly made a big hit here, as it did in Philadelphia. Our audience fairly screamed from the commencement to the finish of the act. Since playing in Philadelphia and Boston they have changed the woman putting in a girl who did the part originally, and she is an improvement over the other one. 20 minutes; full stage.

Eva Mudge

Character changes: This girl has improved wonderfully in the last year or two, and makes some changes about as quick as any performer that I ever remember to have seen. Since playing the other houses on the circuit she has made a change in the act, cutting out the long Barbara Freitchie song and putting in a livelier one, and also introducing a new solo, which in my opinion, has brightened the act up considerably. She went very strong here. Her singing of “Bill Raily” at the finish of the act made a decided hit. 15 mins. Opens full stage, closing in one.

Aldrich Libbey & Katheryn Trayer

In a singing sketch. This act went very strong, particularly at the close, while they did some operatic singing that was really first-class. Libbey’s wife has a very pleasing Soprano voice, and the act made quite a hit. 20 mins. Full stage, close in one.

Swan & O’Day

Blackface comedians, vocalists and dancers; They always go exceptionally strong in this house and this week is no exception to the rule. Swan has quite a little bit of new talk and his peculiar whining way of delivering it seemed to catch our audience. O’Day makes a good foil for him. 20 minutes in one.