Jim Martelle

Whistling Act. Imitating birds, animals, children singing etc. 9 min in one; went fair.

Jim Martelle

Whistler & Imitator. A good act, pleased the greater of the audience. 12 min in 1.

Helene Greatrex

Pretty girl, a good whistler and could hold a better position. In one.

Helene Greatrex

Whistler, 9 minutes in 1, Pretty girl, handsomely gowned, whose whistling strike a popular chord, and enables her to hold this spot very acceptably.

Helene Greatrex

11 min. in one. Makes a very pretty presentation. Notes sweet and birdlike, and always true. Received a good hand for each selection. Got the crowd whistling strong on her last number and a good closing hand.

Carolyn B. Young

Whistling soloist. This girl is a clean looking young woman, and does a very good act of whistling. Her modest appearance helps her along, and she added to the impression which ger good work made this afternoon by whistling “Hiawatha,” the popularity of which will carry almost any act that uses it today. 8 minutes in one.

Mortimer Bassett

An act of mimicry and whistling in one. He went very good indeed. These is not much of anything that is original about it but he is quite a nice looking chap and his different imitations were very well received. 10 minutes, in one. HR.


Whistler. An attractive young woman who whistles better than the average siffleuse, but none of these acts have any great value, other than one in a while to present something different. I think Miss Greatorex’ salary is most ample for what she delivers. 11 Min. in One.

Helen Greatrex

A very nice looking girl who whistles well. Not a great big hit but a moderately good act. Just about got by. 9 minutes, olio in 1.

Whittier’s Barefoot Boy

Whistling mimic, 12 minutes (1). Attired in the garb of the poet’s famous character, the performer makes quite a picturesque appearance. His whistling numbers are well-done, and he is fairly clever in mimicry; but his talk, intended for comedy, meets with little response in the way of laughter.