De Haven and Nice

The show was well given extra comedy strength this week and De Haven and Nice were the first to start the laughs. They have inserted a whistling bit (“Humming Bird”) at the close of the “Mulligan and Mulligan” bit. The balloon number resulted in a roar and the rest was easy for them. At the close for the encore bit the “cop” enters, tears the warrant up and shakes hands.  

Murray and Irwin

Murray and Irwin were half way through when the reviewer took his seat. The team isn’t unknown hereabouts, having caused considerable comment by familiarity to the Arnaut Brothers in a “loving birds” whistling bit at the finish. When they came to that it was more shrill than amusing. One of the boys sang a ditty lamely, and when he announced the love bird thing he dramatically and with evident emphasis on “our” own stated that they would give their own version of two loving birds. The Arnauts are still safe.

Fred Ferdinand

Fred Ferdinand followed with his mimicisms and whistling and he forced one encore. Fred has a lot of personality and wins the audience right off the bat. He did a three base hit.

Evelyn White

Evelyn White, a tall, slender young woman, whistles her way through and closes by whistling “Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean.” This brought rounds of applause, but she did not take an encore.

Lark Laming.

  11 Mini.; One. Lark Lanning is a nice appearing boy in dinner jacket outfit which suits him somewhat better than when “he tried out in sailor uniform. His offering consists of a series of bird imitations by whistling. There is also a phonograph imitation of Harry Lauder singing “Stop Your Ticklin’ Jock.” The young man must be given credit for one thing however, and that is finding a new one to pin the old buzz saw imitation on to. He pulls it as an aeroplane. What he needs is a little more work for the placing of comedy into the talk and then he will do for small time.

Hal Merritt

Talking and whistling cartoonist. A novelty and took very good. 18 min. in one.

Fanny Fish

10 minutes in one. Miss Fish is a local entertainer and an excellent whistling soloist. Has a large following and got by in great shape at both performances.

Haig & Lavere

(10 mins.) Held the spot very well. The whistling of one of the boys is especially good and along with the music and comedy talk they did very well.

Rube Waliman

In a Whistling Novelty. Whistles several airs, also sings a song. Received a good hand at finish. 10 min. in one.