Bellclair Bros.

6 min in two. F.S. Well known on the circuit. This act gets bigger applause every time it comes back to us, being one of the cleanest cut and most skillful of strong men in the world—in fact a leader. Every feat gets a big applause, and the finish was likewise A1.

The Great Hugo

10 min. F.S. This man has a very showy act, the scene representing a human Colosseum. Works the act in good showman-like manner, the feats consisting of the regulation strong man stunts, with cannonballs, projectiles, etc. The act got frequent applause and closed well. A good opener.

Bobby Pandur and Brother

15 minutes f.s. Of all the strong men acts this one is now probably the best dressed. Made a good closing feature to-day.

Marvin Bros.

8 min. F.S. This is an excellent strong-man act. The boys make a fine appearance and their work is after the manner of the Bellclair Brothers, and altogether as good. Received applause for each one of their stunts, some of which are new to us and very daring. Could hold a strong spot in any program. Closed big.

Bellclair & Merman

“Modern Hercules.” The various feats of strength introduced by these men won unstinted approval. The act held the audience all the way through and finished strong. Special set in 3, 11 minutes.

Francis Gerard

Posing and muscular exhibition, a la Sandow, and feats of equilibrity [sic]. This act is very good, but created no sensation at all. Of course, considering the difference in his salary and that of Sandow, we could not expect him to make the furore [sic] that the more famous performer created. He did very well however. 11 Min. Full Stage. 2 Shows.

Frances Gerard

2 shows, 11 min. full stage – In every way, I think, a better act than Sandow’s, as there is considerably novelty about the feats of strength he performs. Physically, he is a much better developed man than Sandow and has not yet become muscle bound, a the [sic] more famous performer. Would like to have him again.


2 shows, 12 min. in 3 – This is a sort of a living picture and physical culture exhibition combined. The man, assisted by Edna Tempest, gives posings in imitation of statuary, first, and the exhibits his muscular development in la Sandow. Then he performs some feats of strength, mainly in lifting the woman, who weighs 148 pounds. I is an excellent act and should be seen on the circuit.

Francis Gerrard

GYH 2 – Equilibriust and strong man. This is the first of the acts engaged by Mr. Keith in Europe, and, if it is a criterion of what is coming, we are certainly going to have some exceptionally good material this season. I think it is unquestionably one of the best acts of the kind that I have ever seen in vaudeville. He opens his act with a muscle display while standing in a cabinet, after the style of Sandow, and I really think that he makes a better picture than Gandow does. He then does a lot of equilibristic feats that are all performed in a novel manner and are presented in that clean-cut, graceful style which are so characteristic of European performers. He was splendidly received this afternoon on an early part of the bill, where I had placed him until I could get an idea of the act. He will be moved down tonight. 15 minutes, full stage.