Emma Stephens

15 min. in 1. This girl has a very pleasing voice and knows how to put a song over. Went good.

Harris & Morey

15 min. in 1. An excellent two man singing act. Went very good.

Belle Baker

13 min. Although she followed a lot of singing, she was a tremendous applause hit, getting big returns for every number. Most of her songs are new and they are probably the best she has ever offered.

Ed. Morton

12 min. As usual one of the big applause hits of the show. He is a Philadelphian and very popular here but always makes good with his songs. Has several new ones, getting returns with each and finished to a big hand.

Holmes & Buchanan

9 min. A classy singing turn by a man and woman. Have played the act two or three times and it has always made good. Both have good voices and their songs were well received.

Misses Campbell

16 min. With the exception of a couple of song numbers, their act remains the same as they have been doing for the past year or two. This is their third visit here and they have made good each time. They were very well received, won plenty of applause and finished to a good hand.

Chief Tendehoe

The Singing Indian. Sings and does gymnastic work on rings. 11 min. full stage; went good.

Reine Davies

16 min., f.s., spl. Miss Davies, assisted by a pianist, put over a program of exclusive songs that were well liked closing to a good hand.

The Courtney Sisters

14 min. First appearance here in some time for these favorites and they scored one of the big hits of the show. Sang a half dozen songs and scored with every one. Were liberally rewarded with applause.

Skipper & Kastruf

12 min. A young fellow and girl with songs. Good voices and sing well together. Were very well liked.