Harriet and Marie McConnell

Harriet and Marie McConnell are back with their song production, “Trills and Frills,” presented by Hassard Short. It is a splendidly arranged and artistically produced harmonizing turn. The little one renders a solo with a flute obbligato that reveals a highly trained voice, while the other leaves no doubt as to the vocal training and schooling she underwent before she was able to warble as she does. She is a mezzo – a full contralto with a soprano range. They sing all sorts of ditties from coon and rags to the classics, offering about 29 minutes of rare vocalizing. Other than stellar recruits from the operatic concert stage one doesn’t often hear such voices in vaudeville.  

“Fad and Frolics”

“Fad and Frolics” is a neatly presented tabloid, having pretty settings and costumes. There is a corking juvenile and a clever girl and quintet of choristers, the act being minus the usual comic. It really proved a straight singing turn and was liked as such. Sam and Goldie Harris in a trolley car talking skit pleased, scoring a number of laughs.

“A Trip to Hitland”

“A Trip to Hitland” made up of ten popular song writters [sic] rendering their own compositions, is certain of general approval. They have some new numbers since they had appeared at the Palace. Oddly enough none of them can put over a number, which probably accounts for the way most of the vaudeville performers sing a popular song. They have probably been taught by the composers who usually demonstrate in the music publishing emporiums.

Bayes & Norworth

51 min. Big advance hand. If there was the slightest doubt concerning the immense popularity of Bayes and Norworth in this town, it was dispelled today by their splendid reception. They and the company present an act that spells quality from start to finish and the crowded house applauded one feature after another, loth to let them go at the close. Supporting cast, songs, comedy, costumes and everything contribute to make this an ideal vaudeville attraction.

Amelia Stone & Armand Kalisz

In the musical romance “Mon Amour”. Well known and went fully as strong as before. Twenty-three minutes full stage.


This is a pretentious musical drama, but pretentious only scenic equipment and number of people employed. I don’t care much for the actors excepting in the case of comedy Englishman. The music is not attractive excepting in the case of one song. To make it worse, everybody seemed to be singing out of tune. As a whole the act is a disappointment. 30 Min. F.S.

Harry A. Ellis & Tom McKenna

Singing skit “Wanted a Tenor”, 12 min in one. Ther [sic] has been but little change in this act since its last appearance in Cleveland. They sing several old time songs which this afternoon were only fairly well received.

Conlin, Steele & Carr

Two men and one woman in a sketch called “Fresh From College”. 15 minutes in one. Act consists of piano-playing by one man, singing and dancing by the other man and the young lady. Some clever work. Went good.

Stone and Kalise

“Mon Amour.” Fine-looking people with good voices and splendid acting ability which assured an excellent performance. F.S.

Meadowbrook Lane

This act is rather disappointing. There is nothing particular to commend it in either the sketch or the playing. Moved up to this spot after the matinee. Does no harm on the bill, neither does it amount to anything. 19 minutes. Full Stage.