Sam Chip and Mary Marble

Mighty clever people, making good and will draw some money but for the life of me we can see no merit in the vehicle. Full stage.

Sam Chip & Mary Marble

A most delightful offering by artists of the first water. Easily the hit of the bill and about as dainty and meritorious as one could wish. Special act in four.

Sam Chip and Mary Marble

Assisted by John M. Dunne in a sketch called, “In Old Eden.” Time 21. Special Dutch interior act in F.S. Open with a pretty tulip field drop in one for an instant at the start. Chip and Marble make a good song and dance team. Beyond that there proved a failure here. Their sketch is uninteresting and the jokes hardly got a laugh. We are totally at a loss to know why this act should be headlined and we do not think it earns anything like the money it gets.

Midgeley and Carlisle

Sammy and Sarah series. “After School”. This sketch has been played here several times and seems now, to go stronger than ever. There are both very clever. Miss Carlisle is young, very petite and an exquisite dancer. Full stage, close in one. Time: 31 minutes.

Kathleen Clifford & Arthur Hill

“Betty in Dreamland.” 23 min. F.S. Will work into a good children’s act. Arthur Hill as the dog is very funny. Miss Clifford is vivacious, and sings and dances well. The support is fair, the musical numbers fetching. Some applause during the act a fair closing hand. This has the makings of a good act but the way it was presented today was a disappointment and the work is very rough and the whole act needs rehearsal. Never will be another “Top O’ Th’ World Dancers.”

Bellman and Moore

Australia’s Famous Duo. In a sketch “Hester’s Promise”. Second appearance this season. It is an excellent act, bright dialogue and superbly handled, good singers. Miss Moore makes a fine appearance, their dancing gets great applause. It is a first class comedy sketch. Full stage. Time 19 minutes.

Midglet and Carlise

In a sketch called “After School”. It is their second appearance this season, and their act is just as great a hit as ever. They are both clever and conscientious workers. Miss Carlisle is petite, a pretty dancer and very entertaining. Full stage, Time 26 minutes.

Betty in Dreamland

This is a good act of its kind and seemed to please the audience, but did not get a great amount of applause. Kathleen Clifford’s work is excellent and I can see where “Kris Kringle’s Dream” was better last season than it is at present for having her in it before. Without Miss Clifford “Betty in Dreamland” would not be as good as “The Top of the World Dancers”. This class of act has never had any great value in this house and the other acts on the bill will probably draw us more business. 25 Min. F.S.

Callahan & Mack

YHR-Two men in an Irish talking and dancing act interspersed with bag-pipe and flute playing. This act has developed a great deal during the past year, and comes mighty close to being a classic. Callahan’s impersonation of the old Irishman is simply great, and they were most thoroughly appreciated by the audience. 21 Mins. Full stage  

Princess Rajah

Rajah did very well for us today. Didn’t get tremendous amount of applause, but the people seemed interest [sic]. The act she is presenting is artistic and I think will draw. 14 Min. F.S.