Nora Norine

It is a skatey thing for comedy, one of them playing a student skater. There were good falls and laughs, The finish was a whizz, there being a pirouette on skates that drew an ovation. Nora Norine, second. Nora is a local favorite, with a fine Irish thrush voice. She trilled through a routine of new and fresh sounding songs, assisted by a pianist (Rex Moore) and hit hard with an Oriental number, Her close, a character gem, came as an encore that whistled past all that had come before, taking her off happy and hitful.  

Grace Ayers and Brother

Grace Ayers and Brother, Grace a tall, handsome girl and “brother” a midget, who shows that his height cannot interfere with his merit, go through a fast and snappy roller skating routine. Grace making two beautiful changes in costume and walking away with all honors of the act. It is a well done turn and deserves the better time.

Gold and Howard

[New acts] Skating and dancing, 9 mins; one. Two young men in evening dress, who have an untutored routine, opening with song and dance on the Doyle and Dixon line, then going into roller skating, after one announced a solo dance as his own conception of tapping He seemed to think more of it than the audience did. The small time is the place for the act, where it may be able to locate more advantage than it does now. Both the boys might learn to take bows without making a facial appeal apparently for them. That is more acrobatic than artist.

Beeman and Grace

Beeman and Grace, doubling with the Palace, closed working to a few stragglers on their way out, but those that stayed were well repaid when Beeman started to skate, his bit of doing a whirl on one leg, similar to that done on ice, comes pretty close to being miraculous and is enough to put the act over in itself. It did just that.  

Beeman and Grace

Beeman and Grace, musical and skating arrangement, opened. The pair make a good impression at the outset. Nice looking boy and striking pretty brunet girl and odd duet, with girl at the piano and boy playing harmonica, the boy later accompanying himself with a ukelele [sic]. This feature of the turn is a whirlwind skating finale. That boy has a one-foot whirl that is a wonder and all his maneuvers on the small mat are striking, particularly the dance on rollers with this girl.  

Mae Melville and George Rule

Mae Melville and George Rule in the little skit “League of Servants” found much easier sailing here than at the Majestic. They took to Mae Melville’s comedy and her wise cracks found ready laughter. Their skating dance encore took them off to three bows – then the Queen of them all came “Sophie Tucker” her Five Kings of Syncopation billed “At Home,” and rightfully. She could stay at this house for four weeks and pack them in and then come back for a return engagement.

Athos & Read

11 min. a very good skating act by is young man and young girl. The man does a particularly good routine of tricks on skates and the act was a very good applause-winner in the opening position.

Anderson & Yvel

Anderson & Yvel, a roller skating pair, did a series of familiar dances but performed on skates as they were, fetched ready and hearty response. The Egyptian travesty and Apache things are about on their last legs as far as straight dance turns are concerned, but the extra novelty of being performed on rollers gets it over handsomely.  

Gould and Howard

Gould and Howard, male dancers followed and just about got over. The couple open in evening dress as French characters offering a little combined footwork. Special drop then replaces house hangers, while the two do double and individual dancing while on skates. The act will do in the smaller houses.  

Roy Harrah and Co.

Roy Harrah and Co. closed the show with roller skating. This is practically a sight act also, but Mr. Harrah takes it out of that class by interpolating a bit a chatter here and there. The skating was excellent and landed. The talk could be improved.