Includes Bob Van Osten, Margie Ryan, Hazel Rice, Miss Coral, Harry Evens, Grace Celeste, Daisy Harcourt and Capitola Snyder. Group performances included The Lyric Quartet, Savan and Warren, and The Moran Sisters.

Cherry Blossoms

Lillie Walsh wore a pretty frock of black and white on which spangles were used with taste, but shortly after Cora White appeared in a coak, pretty in itself, bt made hideous by a thick covering or sparklers resembling Christmas tree contraptions in the violence of their coloring and brilliance of sheen.

Casino Girls Company

The ballet numbers danced by the women are effective. Men do the comedy — these are “blank spaces” between the dances. Grace Foster was most popular “she is decidedly pretty and vivacious young person, and whatever her voice may lack in quality is made up in the cleverness of her incidental business.”

Sunny South

“quite a crowd of colored people, who sing and dance. The dancing is the part that is liked … one of the boys has a dance step that is indescribable, carried out half way across the stage.” The revue “grows steadily in effect and is pretty to look at”

Weyburn’s Minstrel Misses

“The opposite end girl to Bertis seems capable with opportunity, while the last on the first line, to the extreme left, in the closing number is the best dancer.” The girls “are poorly blacked up” and “lack proper stage direction”.

Red Raven Cadets

12 “handsome young women” headed by Hilde Carle do a “dazzling series of marches and tableaux” they raised the roof with a volley of rifle fire and concluded by “scaling a high wall in true army style”