Marguerite Farrell

16 min in 1. Spl. Drop. Miss Farrell does a series of character numbers. During changes a picture sheet shows the interior of dressing room with maid assisting in her changes. All her numbers are rendered in a clever manner and went over very good.

The Dancing Kleins

9 min in one. Man and woman. This is a good act for an early spot on the bill. The woman makes a good appearance and makes change of costume to that of boy. Made a good finish. Act was put on in the afternoon on account of the non-appearance of Peppino, and only for one show.

Miss Reine Davies

This young lady makes a stunning appearance, gives four distinct changes of costumes and sings four songs. Her repertoire, no doubt, could be improved upon. She cannot sing but her charming personality, which is 75% of the act, gets her over. Thirteen minutes in one.

Marios Munsen

Supported by Hal Forrest who makes an announcement telling about Munsons [sic] quick changes, which are clever and quick, and makes them talk, name of sketch is the Kidnapping of Bianca, Miss Munson plays 6 parts, 12 minutes interior, went very well.

Zelda Sears & Co.

“The Wardrobe Woman.” 22 min. F.S. A picture of seamy side of stage life which interested the audience throughout, but made no great hit headliner. Held this place on the bill all right, but did not work up enough enthusiasm to justify a stronger place. Fair finish.

Hoey & Mozart

“Leave It To Polly” – Seven women or girls and four men. Have several changes in costume and make a nice appearance. Sorry to say they went rather weak

4 DeWolfs

Juvenile character change artists. 20 minutes in one. Strong act went big.

Mr. Hymack

Well known rapid change artist, whose act is quite a novelty and which I believe is better this year than before. 18 min. full stage.