Stagpole & Spier

“Australian Surprise Duo” — Man and woman; singing, dancing; also, dare-devil falls and twists; 10 min. in one. Went good.


10 min. A wonderful novelty act that the audience astounded. Well handled and a fine comedy number, getting lots of laughs. In the closing position of a great show, Tarzan held the house seated, something few acts have been able to do here.

Somewhere in France

19 min. f.s., Spec. Four men in military costume and a “trench” setting. A novelty and went over good.

Moran & Wiser

12 min. These two men are using the same act before consisting of hat juggling but presenting it in a new setting and the novelty of it made it a very good closing act.

Chinke & Co.

10 min.f.s,. This is a combination of juggling and bicycling. Both man and woman are clever and held the audience well closing a long show.

Sylvia Loyal & Pierrot

10 min. A very pretty novelty, including some wire walking by Miss Loyal. Two dogs and a large group of pigeons are used and the act was decidedly pretty opener.

Emmerson & Baldwin

10 min. Two men in a routine of burlesque comedy, juggling and magic. They work up a lot of fun with their tricks but also do some straight juggling and in the closing position went very well.

The Brightons

7 min. f.s., Man and woman making reproductions of famous paintings with old rags. A novel act but made a quiet opener.

“All for Democracy”

12 min. This is a picturesque novelty right up to the time. The characters are remarkably life-like and well known speeches by the great men impersonated brought rounds of applause. The act scored solidly and finished to a big hand.

Corn Cob Cut Ups

A Rural Festival, introducing singing, dancing, comedy talking, Pantomime and an Original Rural Brass Band. Eight men. This act went over tremendous big. 18 min. full stage.