Three Seldoms

Three men in artistic posses [sic]. Human statues in marble poses. This is without exception a very good act and went very well the audience this afternoon. Their last called ‘At the Finish’ is one of the best things I have ever seen and received three curtain calls.

The Darrows

Finger shadows. Sand and smoke pictures. Well known. The act remains the same as presented before. They received several small laughs. Alright for an early place in the three-show section. 14 min, full stage.

3 Seldoms

Three men in artistic poses of ancient and modern statuary. All are finely developed and well schooled. Each picture was appreciated and at the finish they received hearty applause. From an artistic stand point, the act is a winner, and there is no question but what it will be well received by our night houses. 10 mins. Spec. 3.

Three Seldoms

3 men. First appearance. Posturing act. They give us ten poses in White Bas Relief. The poses are artistic and perfect and I believe it is one of the best acts of this style we have ever had. Each pose was appreciated and they finished to a big lot of applause. 9 min. drapery in two. 2 shows.

Mlle. Chester & Dog

GHR 2. A living picture act on a small scale. The woman and dog pose in a gold frame, masked with plush, similar to that used in the Art Studies. Act is named “Pictures of the Hunt.” The dog is a beautiful animal, and all the pictures are excellently posed. 8 mins. Spec. Set.

Hana San

‘Scenes from Japan.’ Living picture idea, with electrical effects. Three people in company, one woman, two men, and they require two supers. Rather a pretty act, but not worth the money for the time consumed. Received some scattered applause. Good act for GHR. 9 mins. Special set in 3.

O’Hana San’s Japanese Living Pictures

Why these are called Japanese, I don’t know. Any other name would suit better. To start with, the act isn’t fit for a first-class theatre. It belongs in a burlesque house. She carries two electricians, and then wants a property man to help her in the poses. It’s the worst piece of getting-money-under-false-pretenses I ever saw. Time 10 minutes full stage.

Marcel’s Pictures

This act is confined entirely to relief, which it is absolutely safe to say Marcel is the peer of the entire world. It is beyond question that never has there been anything the equal of the poses of these subjects. They seem to be able to remain absolutely motionless of any length of time desired, and when in one or two cases they break the picture in view of the audience the applause would apparently indicate that a majority of the patrons had been unable to decide whether they were actually living figures or carvings. There are only six or seven people connected with the act, but what they do is really wonderful. They are bound to make a tremendous hit wherever they appear. 20 min, full stage.