10 Mins This Is an attraction discovered by Ike Rose in Europe and presented by him this week for its first American appearance in vaudeville, the two sisters with their bodies Joined together but with separate heads, arms and limbs… Both play the violin and xylophone and also sing, but a display of these attributes is not deemed necessary as Rose and Josefa is a freak turn purely… They opened cold last Friday, but the business for that day, Saturday and Sunday boomed.


14 Mins. ‘The Girl No Man Can Lift’, says the program, with “the 17- year-old prodigy” also in the billing… This Resista is a slight blonde girl, not looking older than proclaimed. A woman announcer, somewhat stout, is busy and brusque. She first speaks from the stage, then brings forth Resista and follows her into an orchestra aisle where anyone is invited to attempt to lift her from the floor. A couple unsuccessfully try. The women return to the stage with the announcer inviting a “committee” from the orchestra. Four or five men respond. A series of lifts are gone through, none succeeding in taking the girls feet off the floor.

Mrs. Tom Thumb

Mrs. Tom Thumb and her company of midgets no doubt filled their place as features of the museum kind, but their strivings for histrionic honors resulted in thirty most tedious minutes.

Senor Arrudi

The act was five minutes long. Senor Arrudi is a “Spanish giant” dressed in Spanish peasant costume. He is announced as eight foot three inches tall. He enters the stage to the tune of “Oh You Beautiful Doll”. He stands and stares out into the audience while the announcer talks.