Tojetti & Bennett

10 min. F.S. Spec. A good fast dancing act with a very pretty setting. Opened nicely.

DeHaven & Nice

12 min. in 1. These boys are good dancers and have some fine original steps. Went good.

De Haven & Nice

9 min. These boys got very little with their burlesque opening but finished strong with a few minutes of very good eccentric dancing.

Dancing La Vara

11 min., f.s., spl. This well known dancing act have added a very pretty “eyke” to their stage setting and have a routine of bright dances. Went well.


10 min., f.s. spcl. This man does a routine of ballet dances in female costume. Keeps the audience guessing until he removes wig at finish. Opened well.

Rome & Cox

8 min. in 1. Boy and girl doing a routine of eccentric dances. Boy is exceptionally clever. Went well.

Trixie Friganza

20 min. in 1 and f.s.. Miss Friganza assisted by Ten Eyck and Weilly got going after a poor start and the burlesque dance at the finish took them off to a good hand.

Hart & Dymond

12 min. f.s., spl. Man and woman in a very good dancing specialty. The lady opens the act, posing, showing a remarkable development of the arms and shoulders. They then do a routine of dances. Opened well.

Seabury Shaw

17 min., f.s., spl. A very pretty act with the man is an exceptional dancer, but it runs too long for closing show. Went well considering.

Alton & Allen

11 min. in 1. These boys are very “nifty” dances and did well in this position.