Field Brothers

In 1. Time 9. Good eccentric dancers although a little mechanical.

White’s Jolly Jiggers

13 min in one. Advance applause. Three boys and three girls in yokel costume at the start, changing to fancy A1. White has certainly studied to find something novel in the eccentric dancing line, and has succeeded very well. All showed long and careful training. First time on any stage to-day and naturally not as perfectly developed as it will be. Think it will work into an act entirely worthy of this locally famous teacher, and make good anywhere.

Lew & Paul Murdock

8 min in 1   These boys are fine eccentric dancers and went over very good.

The Reynolds

(13 mins.) A dancing act by two women and a man. The biggest applause winner as an opening act played in a long time, in fact it was one of the big applause hits of the show. The boy’s eccentric dance is particularly good and the whole act holds up fine from start to finish.

Three Leightons

17 minutes f.s. close in 1. It was rather a pity to sacrifice this act in such an early spot but they work up the show in great shape.

McDevitt & Kelly

Eccentric dancers. As good a dancing act as we have played this season. The boys should confine themselves to dancing, however, and not try to either sing or talk. Street in 1, time 11 min.

Ruby Raymond & Co.

14 min. in one. This is a mighty pretty act. Miss Raymond is too well known to need much comment on her work. The two boys whom she has with her are exceedingly clever on the dancing mat, as is Miss Raymond herself. Two changes in costume. Act full of life and ginger all the way through. Good applause after each selection and a strong finish.

Hibbert and Warren

11 minutes in 1. This team went only fair this afternoon, and even the dancing did not seem to get by as it formerly did.