The Orpheus Comedy Four

Work hard and to good effect. They have a special drop with a tableau frame for one song. “Should make further improvment by causing the Buster Brown to keep his trousers to the knee. He seems to feel he is favoring the audience by making them into trunks. His legs are not in the Frankie Bailey class and he should be taken over into a corner and talked to.”

Thorne and Carleton

Miss Carleton should give thought to new makeup. The fashion in which she applies in and dresses her hair results in a hideous appearance. Adds fifteen years to her appearance with her hair alone.

Fields and Ward

The special drop was not in use. Ward will not part with slapping his partner in the face with a glove.

Harry B. Lester

Bills himself as the “College Boy Comedian” which is both incorrect and someone elses name. He ogles too persistently.


posing in the spotlight is picturesque and funny.