Claire Vincent & Co.

“The Recoil.” 25 min. A one-act domestic comedy with an old theme written in a new way and well played by three people. There are numerous comedy lines and situations in it, making it a first-rate laugh-winner which kept the audience amused. Finished very strong.

Milt Collins

14 min. Startling cold with his monologue on international affairs, he soon had the audience laughing and kept them going. He has a lot of good talk which he makes the most of and finished to a big hand, coming back for a little speech of thanks.

Conlin & Glass

17 min. in 1. Conlin does about the same routine as with his other partner and received quite a few laughs, closing to a good hand.

Rockwell & Wood

12 min. A big laughing hit with their nut comedy. No changes from the last time they played here but a surefire comedy of its kind.

Larry Simpson & Co.

“The Road to Rano” — Three men and two women; comedy rural satire; special scenery of a rural hotel; this act was full of laughs thro out, and went over good. 22 min. full stage.

Four Sensational Boises

10 min. A very showy casting act by three men and a woman, one of the man working in comedy makeup. Their work is fast and with plenty of snap to it and in the closing position, it registered a hit.

Hamilton & Barnes

17 min. Young fellow and girl in a comedy talking act. They have some good material but there is little snap to the way it is handled and does not get the results it deserves. The absence of a song or two hurts this act, but it closed to a fair hand.

Wellington & Sylvia

Comedy Jugglers. Man and woman. Juggles hats, balls, lamp, etc.; full of laughs; woman draws cartoons or paper: this act went good. 12 min. full.

Elinore & Williams

18 min. in 1 and 2 1/2 . This well known team received quite a few laughs; closed to a good hand.

Collins & Hart

10 min. f.s., spl. This act hasn’t changed a particle within the last ten years, but they received a good many laughs and closed to a good hand.