Three Keatons

In their knock about act finishing with the two smaller children. A positive hit. 25 minutes in full stage.

The 5 Keatons

We have not played this family for about three years and today they carried off quite a few honors. Made very good in this part of the bill. Full stage, closing in one.

Dooley & Morton

Famous babies from famous families. 14 minutes in one. A hit this afternoon, especially Gordon Dooley with his funny falls.

Herbert Brenon, Helen Downing & Co.

Time 17. F.S. interior. Presenting “The Intruders. A “roughhouse” sketch in which somebody is screaming most of the time. Humor is further supplied by such delicacies as throwing vegetables over the stage and a generous distribution of flying soxs [sic], trousers and the like. Scored a good many laughs. 2 men, 1 woman.

The Keatons

The advisability of giving an act a rest was proven by the hit that these people made this afternoon, whereas three years ago they were something of a frost. They went decidedly strong with the audience today, in fact scored a hit. 22 min. Open F.S., close in one.

Carson & Willard

(19 mins.) A new “nut” comedy act. A good line of material but needs to be speeded up. Closed with a topical song that gave them an excellent finish.

Will Mahoney

23 min. A regular panic, one of the biggest hits ever made by a monologist here. He is a “Nut” comedian of a new type, with a lot of new stuff and his burlesque dancing created a veritable riot. One of the big hits of the entire bill and a surefire comedy hit for any bill.

Jim McWilliams

(16 mins.) This “nut” comedian put over a continuous laughing hit with his chatter and piano playing. They were still laughing when he left the stage.

Olsen & Johnson

(19 mins.) A “nut” comedy riot. In addition to their own stuff and they use several other people in the show for their finish, Frank Brown doing a musical number with the boys that proved a regular hurrah. It was a great comedy number to follow Mrs. Castle and scored accordingly.