Minerva Courtney & Co.

Is “The Heart of a Canyon” — Two men and a woman; they are booked in as three men and a woman. Special setting and drop; scene; interior of the “prairie Dog,” Arizona. This act went over good. 18 min. full stage.

Act Beautiful

10 min. f.s. Spec. This act consists of posing horse and dogs. The best posing act this season and held audience well.

The Act Beautiful

11 min. The remarkable posing of the dogs and horse makes it a very interesting as well as a pretty novelty and it furnished a very good opener.

Everest’s Circus

11 min. One of the best animal acts we have ever played. A routine of clever tricks by the monkeys in enlivened by comedy which kept the audience laughing. An excellent opener.

Valleceta’s Leopards

The work of Miss Valleceta in the cage of Leopards is quite sensational and held our audience pretty well.

Michel & King

13 min. in 1. These boys imitate birds and musical instruments, and have a novel manner of presentation. Went well.

Karl Emmy & His Pets

15 min. This is one of the prettiest dog acts on the stage. The dogs are very well groomed, make a fine appearance and work freely, so that it is a great act for women to watch. As usual, did very well.

Fink’s Mules

9 min. A very showy animal act with plenty of action. The animals make a good appearance, doing a short routine of tricks and the unrideable mule gives it a big laughing finish.

Maximillian’s Dogs

6 min. f.s., This act works fast and has a routine of clever tricks well handled. Went fair opening.

Marzellas’ Birds

14 min., f.c.Spl. These folks have added quite a little paraphernalia to their act which makes it quite a flash, but it was a quiet opening for us. Went fair.