Hosford and O’Hara

Hosford and O’Hara were next to follow. Hosford was last seen here several months ago with Frank DeVoe, the team splitting when DeVoe rejoined “Glorianna.” At that time Hosford was about 25 per cent of the act, but he has come along so fast that he could team up with almost anyone in show business, and he billed equally. The present routine of singing, and piano playing could be changed with credit to themselves.

Sugbee’s Dogs

Sugbee’s Dogs opened. They go through a usual routine, getting most out of the pup who does the skirt dance.

The Breen Family

The Breen Family closed. Two peachy girls who danced variously and lightly scored and came the nearest to the Fairbanks Twins seen in these woods. A brother did some hard steps, and he took them hard, though the audience took them rousingly. A clown, probably the father, got laughs, but is very old-fashioned in method, out of tune with the rest of the attractive mélange, yet he gets it by.

Gallerini Sisters

Gallerini Sisters, two nice looking babes, with piano accordions, one changing to a violin, cut their turn here. They have been seen elsewhere with a saxophone accordion finish which they eliminated at this house. There isn’t a great deal to the act in this form and though it pleased, it came home only fair.

Bentley and Walsh

Bentley and Walsh opened. This two-man team works in “one” and does some very easy and neat hand balancing. This understander is a powerful man, who looks more like a home body than a performer, and the topmounter is in character, a green bellboy’s outfit being his costume. It worked smoothly and went over.

Ernie and Ernie

Ernie and Ernie, with a special drop in one, stepped out and hit ‘em as though he had two legs. His hard shoe dance and high kicking are very good. The girl sings and dances and makes three changes of costume.

Capp’s Family

They made way for the Capp’s Family. Eddie Foy’s only rival. There are five and a girl, who sing and dance, two older boys doing some acrobatic work and another one playing xylophone. The kids are very clever and were the applause hit of the bill. For the finish, mother and father step on the stage to take a bow with another actor-to-be in mother’s arms.  

Edwards and Fletcher

Edwards and Fletcher, man and woman doing nut comedy, came next. The woman overdoes and they crack some wise gags, but the best answer is that this kind of an audience east the hook up, and these two little artists dish it out to them in the way they like it.