Amoros Sisters

A decidedly novel singing, dancing and acrobatic act. Works in full stage. While not the kind of an act with which to close the show, nevertheless they got by with it this afternoon in mighty good shape.

Walter C. Kelly

Mr. Kelly is giving here his famous impersonation of “The Virginia Judge.” This is Mr. Kelly’s first appearance in Trenton in five years. He seems to have lost none of his old-time popularity. His act at the matinee today was positively the hit of the bill.

Musical Gordon Highlanders

Singers, dancers and musicians in “full stage.” Could close in “one” if necessary. A novelty in the line of musical turns and went well.

Nellie V. Nichols

Singing comedienne in “one.” Miss Nichols has one of the best collections of songs I have heard in some time. Closed the first of the bill in good shape.

Henry Hargaves & Co.

Dramatic sketch, entitled “Chums.” I do not think the audience cared very much for this act, judging from the applause accorded them at finish. The story is a little rough and seems to be very much disconnected.

Klass & Bernie

Musical act in “one.” This act starts the show going in mighty good shape. The act is a novelty one and could fill a spot on any bill.

Black & McCone

Rough comedy acrobatic act. Works in full stage. This is, positively the roughest act I have ever seen. If it was not for their comedy it would be almost uncanny.

Houdini, “The Handcuff King”

This is the first appearance at this theatre of this most talked of entertainer. We discovered this afternoon that closing the show was no place for an act of this character, and beginning with the night show we moved him up to the position of opening the second half. We advertised Houdini very big during the past two weeks and I expect he will draw quite some business.

Nyles McCarthy & Co.

Comedy sketch. Entitled “A Yellow Streak.” This is a very long drawn-out act with the laughs few and far between. For the rest of the week Mr. McCarthy will open the show.

Kaufman Brothers

Black face entertainers. Work in “one.” These boys opened up a little poorly but after they get under way they had the audience with them and received a big reception at the finish.