Harris and Harris

Harris and Harris, two men to sport costumes, performed some nifty hand-to-hand balancing, but are not strong enough to close big-time bills and the audience took advantage of this.  

Bernard and Townes

Bernard and Townes also ran high for applause honors with some comedy, popular melodies and original gags, both boys having pep, vim and vigor accompanying same, and at the finish Bernard doing a never failing dance, forcing them to make a speech. They crack one or two old gags, such as “Fat Burns,” which they might eliminate with credit to the act.

Janet of France and Charles W. Hamp

Janet of France and Charles W. Hamp went on for another hit. Janet getting lots of good laughs out of her French dialect and comedy, and Hamp, with his certified voice and excellent delivery, put over two popular numbers. The act works in front of a very pretty special set in “two.” Hamp besides being a good songster, put over some snappy lines.

Green and Pugh

Green and Pugh, two colored men, one in comedy dress sailed their talk and hoak across like two showmen, the straight man doing some nifty steps, while the comedian put over a ballad in good form.

Henry and Adelaide

Henry and Adelaide, in “one and a half,” with a very pretty special set with electrical effects, though handicapped by opening the show, got all they wanted and a little more with their classy, neat song and dance offering. Adelaide made four very pretty changes in costume, while Henry makes a complete change in dress, dancing simultaneously, getting a good hand on same. Could have held a later spot.

Frank Dobson

Frank Dobson closed with his sirens, taking the legitimate hit of the bill with ease, heading a flashy ensemble punctuated by speed and the sort of laugh that tasted like duck soup to the bargain hunters.

Lyons and Yosco

Lyons and Yosco found the time of day, the sort of day, and whatever other individual elements were on tap, to be just what they wanted. These cagey showmen belted it over for deep laugh and stout handclaps.  

Toney Grey and Co.

Toney Grey and Co. presented a crude form of the old minstrel afterpiece. “Dr. Bones,” woefully overacted. The girl proved weak and, though there were laughs on hoakum, even this hoak-craving audience didn’t enthuse.  

Nora Norine

It is a skatey thing for comedy, one of them playing a student skater. There were good falls and laughs, The finish was a whizz, there being a pirouette on skates that drew an ovation. Nora Norine, second. Nora is a local favorite, with a fine Irish thrush voice. She trilled through a routine of new and fresh sounding songs, assisted by a pianist (Rex Moore) and hit hard with an Oriental number, Her close, a character gem, came as an encore that whistled past all that had come before, taking her off happy and hitful.  

Bevan and Flint

Bevan and Flint pulled down the wow-laugh sensation of the day with the man’s convulsing opening and the fast hoakum all the way and to the very end, abetted by the statuesque and striking woman “straight.”