Bessie Penn Guard

a pleasing act. Singing and accompanies herself on the piano for two of her songs. Things Andrew Mack’s Rose Song, first verse in soprano voice, second in a baritone. As Buffalo is her home it is hard to judge the act correctly as if she were among strangers. Works in one. Fourteen minutes.

Digby Bell

Telling his experiences at the Information Bureau of a Railway Station, goes very big with the audience, all in one 23 minutes.

May Vokes & Co.

In a sketch called “The Model Maid” in which Miss Vokes plays a part something on the order of Sis Hopkins. There seems to be something lacking to the act and while Miss Vokes is extremely funny she does not seem to get all of the meat she should. Her name does not appear to be as good a drawing card as it should, full stage 21 minutes.

Lucy Clark

The Irish contralto, her voice is good but her selections do not seem to hit the audience just right and she has changed her songs for today when they will probably go better, all in one 13 minutes.

Hermann the Great

Carries a handsome stage setting, and while most of his tricks are old they seem to go with the audience. His Hindoo Basket trick is the best of the lot. Hermann, himself seems to be entirely devoid of magnetism and his dialect is so pronounced that it is rather difficult to understand him, full stage 30 minutes.

Rosaire & Doretto

This is a good comedy acrobatic act and keeps the people convulsed with laughter all the time they are on the stage, full stage 9 minutes.

Holcombe, Curtis & Webb

In a new act called “The Botany Class.” This is a good comedy and singing act, full stage, close in one 27 minutes.

Duffy, Sawtelle & Duffy

In the same sketch as last season, “Papa’s Sweetheart.” Too long drawn out and a plain case of the child being the meal ticket, full stage 21 minutes.


Showing a picture this week that is specially worthy of mention, showing the making of a newspaper from the printing rooms through the various departments to the streets, 10 minutes.

James Harrigan

Tramp juggler. His monologue did not go very well Monday afternoon but did somewhat better in the evening, seems to have a little too much roasting of the audience to take well here, open in one, goes to two closes in one 16 minutes.