McCarty & Faye

Man and woman in full stage 21 Min. Comedy Skit with songs and dances. Did Not Get over matnee Eve. went over very Good.

John & Winnie Hennings

Man and woman in full stage close in one time 14 Min. Comedy talking singing dancing and musical.

Wilbur Held

Works in one 11 Min. Comedy Stories paradies and recitation. Went Very Good.

Mystic Hanson Trio

Two young Ladies one man in a majical offering with a little singing and dancing by girls. Work In Full Stage.

Business is Business

A Comedy Offering by Fisher Hawley Co. three men one woman. A Very good offering but spoiled by the act on before it as they do the Hebrew as well. Plenty of Laughs but nothing at finish.

Wood Melville & Phillips

Two men and one woman one man works as Hebrew Songs comedy and some dancing by woman of act 20 Min. In one Went Good.

James Dougherty

Work in one 12 Min. Works straight Nonsense with a little singing. Don’t see where his billing fits at all unless he is pulling something new. Went Fair.

Otto Adlon Co.

Burlesque juggling work in full stage 16 Min. Fairly good offering went well.

Joyce & Donnelly

Singing, dancing and talking, make two changes, comedy is just fair. Man and woman. Ordinary act, got a pretty good hand at finish. 15 minutes in one.

Gavin & Platt

Singing Comedy sketch, man and woman, comedy went pretty good, singing O.K. special set of scenery in two representing Gypsy Camp, lady dressed in Gypsy costume, 15 minutes, just got a fair hand at finish.