Helen Reimer

In a comedy character sketch entitled “Mrs. Hulla-Ballou and a Friend or Two”. This act is the hit of the show this week and the kind of an act that Cleveland Audiences like. It is a good act in every sense of the word. She impersonates three characters “A Club Woman”, A Reformer, and a soulful maiden, also sings a few songs. Everything she does goes well. 15 minutes in one.

Liquid Air

A series of experiments, with explanatory remarks of Prof. Rugg. The act runs about 25 minutes. It is a novelty and a good addition to vaudeville. There is no doubt but what the public is generally interested in demonstrations of this nature as the newspapers and magazines have been full of matter pertaining to liquid air. This is the first time that Clevelanders have had a chance to find out what it is. I believe it would be a good card any place if properly advertised.

Mr. & Mrs. Gardner Crane

In a comedy sketch entitled “Am I Your Wife?” This act has no doubt played the Circuit a good many times, however, it is only the second time for it in Cleveland. It is a good act and gives splendid satisfaction. 20 minutes, full stage.

Willy Zimmerman

In his impersonations of composers, past and present. I don’t know whether this is a good act or not as I am not familiar with the people he impersonates. The audience, however, seems to like the act. It runs about 12 minutes, all in one.

Moore & Littlefield

YRR 2. Man and woman, presenting their well known act, entitled “Change Your Act, Back to the Woods.” This is a good act, and was a novelty, but it has now been here five times in less than two years, and it should be given a long rest as far as this house is concerned unless they get another act. If it were a small act, and could be buried, it would matter little, but you have to give this act a good place, and all your patrons are bound to see it every time it comes around. Result: they walk out. 25 mins.

WM. Harcourt & Co

MHR 2. Sketch, entitled “A Dakota Widow.” Two women and a man. The dialogue and action of the sketch revolve around a suit for divorce. There is comedy in the sketch, in spots, and some real good laughs. Was well received by the audience with laughter, but little applause. Good act, with a poor finish. 21 mins. Fancy in 4.

Mlle. Chester & Dog

GHR 2. A living picture act on a small scale. The woman and dog pose in a gold frame, masked with plush, similar to that used in the Art Studies. Act is named “Pictures of the Hunt.” The dog is a beautiful animal, and all the pictures are excellently posed. 8 mins. Spec. Set.


YRR 2. Vocalist. Baritone. Dresses as a French peasant, in slouch hat and corduroy. Possesses a wonderfully strong baritone voice, and knows how to use it. A very good act. 9 mins. in one.

Cliff Gordon

GHR 2. Dutch monologue. Did not use his special drop in one representing the U.S. Senate. Has some good stuff, and went very well at 2:30, very good monologue. 17 mins. in one.

Clement De Lion

GRR 2. Billiard ball manipulator, working somewhat like T. Nelson Downs – only much better. Without a question of doubt the greatest billiard ball and card manipulator and palmer that has ever played the house. His billiard ball work is marvelous. 11 mins. Pal. 3.