Lorraine Evon

Lorraine Evon has charming personality and possesses a sweet voice. Her violin accompaniment with canary harmonizing and reproducing violin strains, won big applause, proving good novelty.  

The Rigdon Dancers

The Rigdon Dancers, trio of girls is artistic and neatly arranged pantomime dance offering with pretty setting, received fine appreciation, a Spanish and toed dance specialty outstanding. Edan Rigdon presents the act by changing cards, announcing various dances.  

The Three White Kuhns

The Three White Kuhns, next to closing were a tremendous hit, their vocal training and string instrument work, with good comedy injected, going over strong. They took numerous encores with their own composition, “I’ll Be With You ‘Till Clouds Roll By,” with a girl plant in the audience.  

Coleman and Ray

Coleman and Ray have a production ventriloquil offering, the stage setting in [sic] striking, but they employ familiar gags. Just the same, they registered strongly with the crowd here.

Le Rue and Depre

Le Rue and Depre received appreciation for colored sketches, concluding with a picture of a burning chip and a volcanic eruption that was especially effective. Page and Gray, with the man a semi-nut handling old talk cleverly and the woman a stunning creature who made an acceptable straight, were a comedy hit next to closing.

McCoy and Davis

McCoy and Davis, a mixed team the man doing a nut, got good laughs. The obvious cueing for swatting back of the drop detracted from the comedy effort which figured prominently in the routine.

Barney Williams and Co.

Barney Williams and Co. in a sketch entitled “Hunting” registered big laughs for the familiar farcical situations despite the feeble cast supporting Williams’ good work as the souse. The act finished with the ensemble singing “Dear Old Chicago Town” localized.

The Little Cafe

The Little Café, an unusually good tabloid gave the bill a touch of importance closing the show very good. With Martin Lee, a Yiddish comic; Wilbur Cushman, Carrie Hawley and a dandy combination of principals and half a dozen girls, nicely costumed, the act kept things moving lively through scenes showing a side street and the interior of a café in Greenwich Village.

Weaver and Weaver

Weaver and Weaver easily earned the honors of the show, stopping proceedings in next to closing position. It is a “different” act of the kind needed on the big time.  

Abrams and Kohns

Abrams and Kohns had a tense playlet with a dismal tendency. As a sketch it holds interest tensely, but as a sketch also it interferes with a fast moving specialty bill. The Sunday crowd enjoyed the interlude and gave the players generous applause at the final curtain.