Annette Kellerman

41 min. in 1 and f.s. Miss Kellerman has rather a pretentious offering of singing, wire walking, dancing and diving assisted by a number of girls. This act makes quite a flash but seemed rather tame until Miss Kellerman starts her diving stunt. Arrived late and had to close the show. Held the audience very well in the afternoon. Doing business.

The Salambos

Man and woman. In full stage, 13 minutes. An electrical novelty. They draw dire from each other’s mouths, nad [sic] do some really startling stunts in the electrical line. Close with a stream of gas light coming from their mouths. A good novelty, and went very good.

The Red Owl

A remarkable little play that made a big hit, and I know will be talked about.  The plot is novel, and it is splendidly acted, especially by Miss Hope, and the young man who plays the Heavy part.  The Policeman is also very good.  Every detail is perfect and the piece has been rehearsed most carefully.  This act will draw big business, and is well worth the money for a novelty.  27 minutes, full stage.  Special Scenery which has seen better days.

Osaka Troupe

Excellent pedal juggling, perch work, and trick top spinning.