Steve Freda

I don’t care much for Mr. Freda, neither did the audience. He has rather a fresh manner on the stage which is offensive to people of refined tastes. His Guitar playing is fair, some of his stories are pretty good and some of his songs are quite blue. 16 minutes first show was cut down to 12 minutes, in one.

De Witt Young & Co.

Young is a very good juggler and presents his work in a showmanlike manner. The company consists of a young girl who hands him the objects. 8 minutes F.S.

The Rials

Novelty act. A little work on the rings, juggling, acrobatics, comedy, etc. Splendid feature that closed the show in excellent shape. 13 Min. F.S.

W.S. Dickinson

“Rube, Justice of the Peace,” in a very funny monologue that scored very strongly. 13 Min. in One.

Conroy & Le Maire

Black-face comedy talking act that is well-known along the line and which made quite a hit this afternoon. 15 Min. in One.

The Police Inspector

A very good dramatic sketch, well blended comedy and serious situations and lines, but it is not as well played as the sketch warrants. It went fairly well, however. 20 Min. F.S.

Minnie Allen

Miss Allen is entitled to a lot of credit for getting out of the beaten path and getting some songs that are unusual and novel. Went very well with the audience this afternoon. 14 Min. in One.

5 Sullys

In a lively vaudeville skit called “The Information Bureau.” While the individuals are not particularly great as actors, still there is a lot of life and go to the act; some clever dancing and as a whole it gets over in good style. 18 Min. F.S.

The Voie Trio

Ring act. A very nice feature for an opening spot. Could do better on a pinch. 9 Min. F.S.