Foster’s Leap for Life

Foster leaps from a height of eight feet and lights on his chest on a curved incline. The act is sensational, but necessarily very brief. A good circus finish.

Burke’s Lions

Eight thoroughly trained lions in a clever series of jumps, tableaux, pyramids, with considerable comedy. Good vaudeville feature.

The Lorch Family

2 men, 2 women. A wonderful risley act rivaling the Kellinos. They introduce work from the backs of ponies which adds attractive novelty. Emphatic hit throughout.

The Seaberts

Man and woman. Two horse carrying act, skillful and effective equestrian feature.

Aerial Smiths

Man and woman. Startling and lively double trapeze performers. Would make a high grade vaudeville act.

Treat’s Trained Seals

A tremendous hit. The animals are wonderfully trained in baton swinging, balancing and crude musical work. The comedy balance is excellent. One of the best animal features ever seen here.

Lizett Seabert

Beautiful equestrienne exhibiting remarkable grace and skill in riding.

Fred Sterling

Funny pantomime clown with canine comedian assistant.